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Dine Restaurant Notebook Application

Customer: Hoople SAS, France

Type: Mobile development


Requirements: Elisoft has taken up an intricate task to develop an application for iPhone able to track records of the menus users enjoy in restaurants. The primary mission was to design an intuitive efficient mobile application that would allow users to compose their meals, record menus based on photos of dishes, share pictures with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Hoople social networks and allow users easily synchronize all the content between users’ devices through iCloud.


Challenge: One of the challenges Elisoft had to overcome while implementing the application was the realization of iCloud synchronization. Live iCloud synchronization allows users add content on one device and continue editing or review the content on another one device. All the data are synchronized with Apple cloud on the fly – user should not thinking about local or cloud backups.

Also in this app was added possibility to edit all the photos with Aviary SDK. This simple to implement solution allows users easily crop images, add cool effects, improve contrast and much more.

Another trial Elisoft has encountered is the customization of the product. Elisoft did its best to design and develop an excellent product in order to meet the specific requirements of the customer.


Solution: Great customer design was fully implemented by standard iOS7 UIKit features. Parallax effect, a lot of semi transparent views, reduced space between letters, a lot of native user friendly gestures, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Hoople) integration, live iCloud content synchronization, cool Aviary effects and simple minimalistic graphics – these are featured by Apple app. This is Dine.


Results: In the long run Elisoft ended up with a mobile application featured by Apple for AppStore “ Dine – your restaurant notebook ”. The application gives users a possibility to keep a culinary diary, share menus and images, as well as write reviews for the restaurants they have visited. The application is provided with the following functionality:

– Dine application is compatible with iOS7 and above and works for both iPhone and iPad platforms;
– take beautiful pictures of the dishes you’ve been served and rate them;
– review the restaurants you have been over several criteria: welcome feeling, service coolness, ambiance, bathroom cleanliness (a key point of great restaurants) and price acceptance factor;
– write a column about the place;
– browse dishes and visualize them in the form of a photo gallery;
– share places menus over Facebook, Twitter, Hoople social networks;
– the application is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish.


Region: Worldwide

Industry: Food & Drink

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, custom UITableView, parallax, social networking, iCloud, CoreData, Aviary SDK

Duration: 3 weeks

Staff: one iOS developer

Platforms: iPhone and iPad, iOS7+