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QA and Testing

Elisoft QA automation and Testing services provide our customers with scalable application maintenance and support that accelerate time-to-market and improve the performance and usability of enterprise systems and applications.


QA processes Elisoft software quality assurance, quality control and testing expertise is based on world’s best practices and standards.


Our team of professionals has been delivering the best outsourced testing, quality assurance and control that accelerate time-to-market, reduce the cost of development and maintenance of enterprise systems, web and mobile applications since 1997.


We have strong experience working with different development methodologies and projects (Waterfall, V-Model, Incremental, SCRUM, TDD, Kanban, Mixed). We adapt and consult companies whatever development methodology they have.


Test Analysts

Software testing is not just an error detection that minimizes the risks of product failure, it also provides informed assessment of the genuine product conformity.

Functional Testing

User Acceptance



Component / Module

Data Driven

Non-functional Testing







Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Software Testing Lifecycle



QA Processes


We analyse customer needs, requirements and other documentation related to the testing services. As a result the testing strategy agreement is documented and a high level estimate provided.


We perform analysis and model the test suites. As a result, we create a Master Test Plan document with the detailed planning and the timeline of the project as well as the description of all major risks and activities of the project.


We prepare test environment, test cases or checklist, smoke test, test data, requirements traceability matrix.


We execute the tests according to the development & testing methodology used in your organization. This stage includes all test levels defined and agreed in testing strategy (Integration, System and Acceptance Testing).


The final stage of the project, when we prepare, archive and provide all deliverables agreed during the initiation phase. The project ends with a short survey which help us to constantly increase quality of our services.

Elisoft QA Services in Figures

Projects Completed
508 k
Test Cases Developed
3 mln
Tests Executed

Why Do QA and Testing at Elisoft?

Reliable Partner

Elisoft values customers and believes tight relationship between companies is key to the success. You can be sure that Elisoft will do their best in order to help Your business grow!

International Standards

The use of international standards and best practices increases the quality of services provided by Elisoft. We provide an independent audit of software quality and improvements. This allows our customers get the objective feedback in regards to the software quality and it’s improvement.

Quality & Effectiveness

Elisoft engineers are focused on the effectiveness which helps increase the quality with less budget spent on it.

Good Communication

The tight communication between companies essentially increases the quality and decrease the cost of work.