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Loan Garage Crowdfunding Platform

Customer: Plutus Software Pte Ltd.

Type: Web development


Requirements: The initial requirement was to develop a website with a convenient and modern UI for people who want to borrow or lend money. The customer would like to obtain a complete solution with an automated backend system which can track successful loan disbursement. After a joint business analysis carried out by Elisoft engineers there were identified the final key features of the project:

  • Administration section with capabilities to see overall information about recent updates, manage applicants, manage payments, manage appointments, loans, reports
  • Lender section with a dashboard, applicants tracking system, account settings
  • Applicant section with the similar functions to the lender section and convenient lender search system
  • Loan calculator
  • Sending notifications by email and SMS
  • Advanced rating system
  • Web Services for mobile applications
  • Blog with articles, tips for users and more


Challenge: There were a number of challenging points such as:

  • Developers had to integrate several third-party systems and API for such features as SMS sending, billing, etc.
  • There were several changes in requirements which affected the core of the system and business flow model
  • On the latest steps the customer introduced new design which affect changes for all the presentational layer
  • Admin panel had to be convenient for non-technical users.


Solution: Elisoft engineers have created a flexible modular system which allowed applying changes to any section of the website without reworking other parts of the system. Carefully designed system architecture enables easily integrate any external system or use third party API. Elisoft developers created the admin panel with clear and user friendly UI.


Results: Elisoft web development team has successfully delivered and launched the website and web services for mobile applications. Also Elisoft engineers provided support in security issues by SSL certificate integration. All the changes which were discussed during the development of the project were applied and the updated design was fully integrated.

Elisoft business analyst provided a complicated and well-considered algorithm of ranking. The algorithm is based on modified Bayes’ formula.

The detailed description of web services for mobile applications was provided. Each API method comes with an example of usage.


Region: Asia

Industry: Financial Services

Engagement model: Fixed cost model

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Duration: 4 months

Staff: 3 developers, 1 designer